Project Description

The Academy of LDS Dentists

The Academy of LDS Dentists is a national organization founded by Dr. Gordon Christensen in 1976 as a means of continuing education and professional development, service opportunities, and fellowship with dental professionals who share similar values. Student membership in the Academy of LDS Dentists is FREE and includes a monthly subscription to the Clinician’s Report and other publications, access to training DVDs presented by Dr. Christensen, scholarship opportunities, and increased networking among other LDS students and those with similar values.

Goals of the LECOM student chapter of the Academy of LDS Dentists include service opportunities locally and abroad, quality presentations from local professionals, utilizing the training videos from Dr. Christensen, and wholesome activities for all students, including their family members.

Board Members:

President: Maxwell Doxey

Vice President: Dustin Hamren

Secretary: Jordan Morris

Assistant Secretary: Matthew Draudt

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katie Dinh,