Project Description

It is the mission of the Predoctoral Orthodontic Association to create well rounded dental professionals with an emphasis in the profession of Orthodontics. The members of the association will strive to encourage learning in the arenas of professional presentations, journal analysis, and dexterous advancement. The association as a whole will aim to become active in the surrounding community through outreach events consisting of Orthodontic education and non-dental student involvement.

 Meetings take place on the fourth Thursday of each month and are open to anyone who wants to attend! If food is offered, it is only available to members. Membership dues are $10/year and can be given to the President, Treasurer, or Secretary.


President: Jenny Clarke Shulsky

Vice President: Katherine Sage

Secretary: Brittney Gallaher

Treasurer: Brianne Baley

Advisor: Dr. Robert Bard,