Class Officer Letters of Intent 2018

Please review the letters of intent for the Class Officers for the 2018-19 school year. As all positions are unopposed, no elections will be necessary. 

We are still looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

Class of 2019 – Defuniak AM Representative

Class of 2019 – Erie AM Representative 

Apply HERE

**Applicaitons due by Friday, April 13th at 12 noon. 

President – Matt Roche

I would be thrilled to be our D4 class president. I feel strongly that our fourth year experience will offer us the opportunity to improve upon our clinical skills and refine our techniques as we prepare to enter our residency programs and the job market. However, I also recognize that our school’s current focus on improving production can have a critical cost at the student level, and I believe that now more than ever we need a strong voice to advocate for students and for education. I would be honored to serve as that voice, if we as a class decide that to be the best course of action.
Thank You!
Matt Roche


Erie PM – Amy Taggart

Hello Class of 2019,
What a time to be a student at Lake Erie Corporation of Osteopathic Medicine! It would be my pleasure to serve as your Erie representative for the PM shift. If elected, I would do my best to represent the interests of the afternooners. Since I won’t be scraping snow off my car at 5 am, this frees up my schedule to search for the perfect rescue dog and address student grievances over a leisurly brunch. Student government work suits me; I have a passion for color-coded spreadsheets and respond to emails faster than Dr. Houston can say “NO!” Though my unsmiling face sometimes looks like a prison mugshot, I am quite friendly and approachable, ready at a moment’s notice to discuss your concerns with the outreach clinics and how we might enact change. Thank you for your consideration!

Defuniak PM – Grant Ross

Class of 2019, I have worked with the SGA for the past two years and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the student body. I think I can communicate well with the upcoming executive board to relay the needs of my classmates while in Defuniak. 
Thank you for you consideration!

President – Lori Gruskin

To whom it may concern,
My name is Lori Gruskin, I am an upcoming D3 and running for President of the Class of 2020 during our D3 year. Currently, I am the Secretary on the SGA Executive Board. As the current secretary, I have learned may useful skills that I can use to serve as the President of the Class of 2020. This past year I have been in charge of picking the D1/D2 big/little pairs, which was a lengthy process, designed and distributed the “Just Floss It” shirts, been in charge of food catering for all meetings, and am currently in the process of helping to plan a LECOM Dental Prom, and numerous other roles, just to name a few. Being on the executive board this past year has allowed for me to not only meet my expectations, but also exceed them. This past year has been very rewarding; however, after having the opportunity to be secretary of the executive board, I feel that I would be even better suited to be President of the Class of 2020, so that I can better voice my opinions, along with the opinions of the Class of 2020 as we begin to work in the clinic. As President of the Class of 2020, I will continue to make the students a priority, and try to solve as many issues as possible. As a student of LECOM, we all deserve an experienced leader who will continually raise and address the concerns of the students to the administration. As President of the Class of 2020, I will be able to do just that. All in all, I pledge to work with my classmates and the administration to address all of the concerns of our class to make our 3rd year at LECOM the best it can be. Thank you for your support!

Vice-President – Julie Davis

Hi friends! 
My name is Julie Davis and I would love to be the Vice-President of our Class of 2020. I am currently the secretary for AAWD and I am looking to get more involved with something that includes the entire class. I will strive to make improvements that will benefit us as dental students and as future dentists and I promise to invest my time to make sure things run as smoothly as possible in our future here at LECOM. I think we can all agree that communication and promptness is lacking throughout our school and that is one goal I am focused on fixing. I will fight to have our PowerPoints posted on time, our semester schedules posted in advance, and much more! I am here to listen and to help in any way that I can. We each bring something so unique to the table and with LECOM going through so many changes, I want to make sure that your opinions, your concerns, and your praises are heard. Most importantly, I want to speak up and be a voice for each and every one of you! My goal is that we as a class continue to move forward despite losing all of the people we care most about over the last two years and that we continue to make our dreams a reality. That’s why we’re here right!? In my last conversation with Dr. F he gave me the advice to always ask my new patients if they would hire me. In honor of his perfect self that we all miss dearly, I want to ask you, “Will you hire me as VP?” 
Thank you,
Julie Davis 

President – Kimia Ahmadian

Hello dear class of 2021,
I had the pleasure to be the group A representative for the past 6 months, and I really enjoyed getting to know you and learning dentistry in the amazing environment of our class! I had the opportunity to interact with most of you and heard your complaints (and few compliments) about our experience here in LECOM. I, with the rest of the SGA team, tried to do our best to address them. LECOM is a new school with definitely a lot of room for improvement and I hope to be a part of making changes in our school as the class of 2021 president. I am really passionate to solve the problems we have and improve our educational quality at LECOM. I hope to make these changes using my previous leadership experiences and make our DMD journey as smooth as possible. 
As a class president, it would be my honor to work with the Student Government Association body and the school’s administrative staff to address your issues and concerns. As an ambitious and outgoing participant, my goal will be to ensure the representation of the ideas of all of you, and broaden the communication between our class and the rest of the student body at LECOM. 
I believe I have the commitment, responsibility, and enthusiasm to have a clear and effective communication between the administration and our class. I wish to have the honor to represent you again in the upcoming D2 year. 
I appreciate your consideration!
Kimia Ahmadian

Vice-President – Lauren Cuculino

Class of 2021,
Wow! It’s time to vote AGAIN! Hopefully you all have enjoyed the past 9 months as much as I have. Not only have a learned an immense amount academically, but I’ve learned how to appropriately portray myself as an SGA representative among students and faculty alike. It’s my hope that you have been satisfied with the work I’ve done thus far and will consider me to be the Vice President of our class, even though the Nike gear took 6 months to get here! In exactly a year’s time, we will be entering the clinics and I hope to make the final year of our pre-clinical training one to remember both academically and socially!
During my years as an undergraduate in Burlington, Vermont, I worked as liaison between students and faculty both inside and outside of the classroom as a Resident Assistant and Student Athlete Representative. To say the least, I would feel incredibly privileged to represent our class full of promising dentists in any way that I possibly can. Quite frankly, there isn’t another 104 people on this earth with whom I’d rather be sharing the most stressful and rewarding four years of our lives with.
Thank you very much for your consideration,
-Lauren P. Cuculino    

Group A Representative – Suleman Ismail

My name is Suleman Ismail and I am running for Group A Representative for Class of 2021. Having previous experience in leadership positions I have learned a lot about teamwork and collaborating with other to achieve various goals. I intend on bringing these previous experiences as well as learning from others to serve my fellow classmates.  I look forward to working with student government, faculty, and the Class of 2021. 
Thank You,
Suleman Ismail

Group B Representative – Dale Miller

As future dental professionals, it is imperative that our four years of training here at LECOM are as successful and applicable as possible. What we take from our time in school will directly translate into the quality of care that we deliver to patients every day throughout our careers. That responsibility to give future patients top of the line attention, knowledge and performance is something I know the Class of 2021 does not take lightly.
To ensure we make the most of our training at LECOM, SGA has done a great job working with students and faculty alike. I have not previously held a position with SGA, but after our first year I have seen the dedication our classmates have put forth to continue to improve our education, and feel that I can aid in achieving that same goal. Just like all of you, I want to continue to build a successful and positive culture at LECOM School of Dental Medicine and would be honored to be in a position to do just that. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to working with not only Group B, but each and every member of the great Class of 2021. 

Website Contributor – Rhett Pendley

I would like to contribute more to my classmates and I receiving the best experience that we can while we are in school. I feel that in the role I can help contribute to achieving the goals of our school of becoming dentists that enhance the quality of life for all of humanity.