Helpful Research Documents - Updated August 1, 2017

Use this document to assist you in downloading research articles. Also, Ms. Burgess in the library is a great resource. If you cannot access a journal on your own, email her at and she will be happy to help you out!

Download (PDF, 316KB)

Below is a presentation given by Dr. Irv Freeman discussing LECOM’s IRB. This is the most recent version to which students have access. 

Download (PDF, 387KB)

This document outlines how to submit protocols to LECOM’s IRB. Pay close attention to the citi training section. You must include proof of training with your proposal; this will save you time (the Board will not review your proposal without this information). Use this document and the sample below to assist you in writing your own proposal.

Download (PDF, 37KB)

This document contains an example protocol for instructional purposes only. 

Download (PDF, 470KB)