Each campus organization has a designated day of the month in which it holds its regular meetings, as are the following:

Academy of General Dentistry (AGD): 1st  Thursday

Academy of LDS Dentists: 2nd Thursday

Alpha Omega (AO): 1st Wednesday

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD): 3rd Monday

American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD): 3rd Tuesday

American Student Dental Association (ASDA): 2nd and 4th Wednesday

Asian American Student Dental Organization (AASDO): 2nd Monday

Delta Alpha Phi (Dental Association for Philanthropy, DAPhi): 2nd Tuesday

Forensic Odontology Group (FOG): 1st Monday

Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA): 3rd Thursday

LECOM Student Research Group (LECOM-SRG): 1st Tuesday

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Journal Club (OMFSJC): 4th Tuesday

Periodontics Study Club: 3rd Wednesday

Pre-doctoral Orthodontic Association (POA): 4th Thursday


Note to club leaders:

The SGA calendar will automatically reflect these designated meeting days. The weekly announcements are structured based off of the SGA calendar.

  • If there is a specific announcement your club would like to make regarding the meeting, please email dmd.br.events@sga.lecom.edu no later than 5 PM of the Wednesday prior to your club’s meeting. Otherwise, your meeting announcement will only include time and place of the meeting.
  • If your club is NOT holding a meeting on its designated day, please email dmd.br.events@sga.lecom.edu no later than 5 PM of the Wednesday prior to confirm the meeting’s cancellation. Otherwise, your event will still appear on the SGA calendar and will be reflected on the SGA Weekly Announcements email.
  • If your club is holding a fundraiser, special event, or simply a meeting on a day other than the designated club date,  the club must follow the following procedures to add the event to the SGA calendar:
    • A club representative has to go through two (2) means of event approval to get the event fully approved:
      • SGA approval: The club representative must check the SGA calendar to see if the date they have in mind is free of club events. If so, they can continue forward and fill out and submit an event form through our SGA website, here. The completed form gets sent to the SGA Events email address, in which the SGA Secretary double-checks the calendar to make sure it is an available date.
      • Submitting an event form through Ms. Margie Bell (forms can be found in the administrative office): This is to get approval of the event from the school. Once the SGA Secretary gets the completed event form through the Events email address, it is confirmed with Ms. Bell to see that the event has been approved. As long as Ms. Bell has received an event form and the event has been approved by the school, the SGA Secretary adds it to the SGA Events calendar and will inform the club representative that the event has been approved and added to the calendar.
  • No two student organizations can hold meetings at the same time.
  • No two student organizations can hold fundraisers for the same period.
  • If there are any questions or concerns regarding the SGA Events process, please contact SGA Secretary Elizabeth Sciarrino or the SGA Events e-mail address dmd.br.events@sga.lecom.edu.