Please review the letters of intent below. Voting will take place during the week of April 17th.

Candidates for President, Class of 2018:

Sable Muntean

Class of 2018:

My name is Sable Muntean and this is my letter of intent for the position of President of the Class of 2018 for our fourth and final year.

Through the three years that we have been together thus far, I have tremendously appreciated the opportunities that I have had to serve you all. I have always strived to do my best for the greater good of our class, even though I was not officially on SGA. I have maintained respect in my relationships with faculty and staff and been able to work with them to help our class. Whether it was during our lecture courses and finding out and sharing information to help with exams, organizing our PBL 2 final study method, compiling an exam schedule calendar, making a radiology video to help with setting up the XCP system, and more, I have always been there for all of us.

I did run for class president our first year, and even though I lost, I always did my best to be a person that everyone could communicate with and make positive changes. I would really appreciate the opportunity to serve as president for our final year and work with the administration to attain whatever ideas any of you may have, to the best of my ability. I have already gained some familiarity with the systems in our 4th year and helped with setting up a communication to allow for more methods to make up days for legitimate reasons. I have experience as a leader from my time as President of ASDA, and am someone who you can approach with anything as I will be there for you. It would be an honor to represent our class and, in lighter news, you won’t hear me say “join SGA” since you are already a part of it!

No matter which clinic location you are going to, I will always be a text, email, Facebook post, or phone call away to help out. I am reliable, dedicated, respectful, and here to serve all 99 of you in our last year at LECOM. Please cast your ballot and vote for me, Sable Muntean.

Logan Poff

Class of 2018,
We are coming to the end of the year and it’s time to finish another chapter of our dental school experience at LECOM. Yes, it is a GREAT DAY TO BE AT LECOM – but I am sure many of you like myself are ready to move to the next charter of dental life away from Lakewood Ranch.
This past year I believe student government was successful in working with the clinic representatives and administration to confer concerns/issues of our clinical experience. A few things that were accomplished; working with Pascal to keep our business/appointment reminder cards fully stocked and to have an excess to which were available for students to distribute as a patient recruitment tool, assert our belief to administration that one PCC per sister clinics would not logistically be possible to keep patients and student dentist happy and it would be imperative to keep one PCC per clinic (I know a few clinics are deficient at the moment) and working with Dr. Curd to ensure that students would be reimbursed clinic days for volunteering events such as RAM or Mission of Mercy. Getting the shadowing/ externship program started here was something I worked on since last year but without success of getting it implemented for us. With that being said, I believe the pressure but on administration will ensure upcoming classes will have that opportunity.
Pertaining to next year, each outreach clinic will have two representatives – one morning and one afternoon. It will be imperative that we communicated efficiently and work together to guarantee that every student at each location has equal opportunity and equivalent clinical experience. We are a class, we are a unit, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. There will be no competition between clinics, we are here to support each other. Time for competitiveness will be in private practice when the loan payments start rolling in.
It is evident that most of us are under some sort of distress either it being ADEX , NBDE, clinic or the combination of all. This year was very different from last and next year will be the same. Please try to enjoy the remainder of this year because it may be the last time in our lives that we are in the school setting surrounded by peers of similar age. Very soon we will be working as dental practioners in the real world and will never again have the comradery around us like we do now. Dental school should be something to be looked back on and cherished.
It has been a privilege to serve as a voice of the student body for the last few years and I look forward to seeing it out till the end. Thank you.
Best Regards,
Logan David Poff

Defuniak AM Representative – Royce Barlow

This statement of intent is to inform you of my intentions to run as a Class Representative for the D4 Defuniak morning shift.
I believe that I have the qualities necessary to be successful as a class representative for the Class of 2018. Although I have not held a SGA position in the past I have held a few leadership positions during my time at LECOM, including being the President of the Pediatric Dental Club and the Academic Chair of Alpha Omega. Due to my success in those positions I believe I understand what it takes to succeed and that I have the tools to do so. In addition, I feel like I hold a good relationship with most of the students and staff at LECOM and I will do my best to work with each of them so that we can each reach our goals for our final year. Together we can make our last year at LECOM our best.

Erie AM Representative – Jim Singletary

As former class president I know that I have what it takes to represent my class and represent my class well. I vow to always have the best interests of my class and heart and to expand on those interests with ideas of my own. I want our fourth and final year to be the best yet and will do everything I can to make that happen.

Erie PM Representative – Elizabeth Sciarrino

Dear Students,
My name is Elizabeth Sciarrino and I would like to be your Erie afternoon representative. I am very passionate about our school becoming the best environment and dental school that we all know that it can be. As Class A representative D1 year and D2 year, I was here to listen to all of your issues and present them to the SGA board. Having been a SGA representative for two years and an executive secretary for one year, I am familiar with how SGA meetings are run and what steps need to be taken in order for changes to occur within the school. I feel that it is our right as students to have a voice and a decision in how we wish our school to be. We have all worked very hard to get into dental school and we all deserve to be proud of the school we go to and should feel that we are not helpless in making this school a better place. I am a very friendly and open person who would be willing to listen to any of your concerns and it is my wish to give our outreach clinics a strong voice and position in the school. It would be my honor to represent our class in this position and I am hopeful to make a difference for our class in this next year.
Thank you for your consideration,
Elizabeth Sciarrino