Please review the letters of intent below. Voting will take place the week of April 17th.

Candidates for President, Class of 2019:

Maxwell Doxey

Simply put, I would love to continue to represent the Class of 2019 through SGA involvement. There will be opportunities for feedback, improvements, and collaboration next year and I am committed to listening and contructively voicing your thoughts to the faculty, staff, and administration. Additionally, there will be opportunities to creatively improve our clinical experience and unity as a class. I believe that my past experience in student governments puts me in a solid position to represent you well. I look forward to being a positive, available, proactive, and enthusiastic D3 President of the Class of 2019.

Liridon Qafleshi

Dear fellow classmates,
It is my pleasure to formally announce to all of you my intentions of running for class president. Within the last couple of years we have all become familiar with the dynamic curriculum at LECOM and how it influences our education. I, for one, most certainly don’t agree with all of the changes, but I strongly believe that in order for us to advance in our professional career, change is inevitable and it must be influenced by your voice. As we progress to our clinical education my intentions as future class president are clear and simple. I intend to bridge the gap between the concerns of my fellow student doctors and those of faculty and staff. Silence has never inspired change and I encourage all of you to voice your concerns on issues that directly affect your future as professionals. I will be your voice and make sure that your opinion is heard. Thank you for your consideration!
Liridon Qafleshi

Vice President, Class of 2019 – Keaton Jolley

Hey everyone, it’s Keaton Jolley. I am writing my letter of intent for class Vice-President because I am excited for what our future holds as 3rd year students. I previously have not been involved with student leadership at our school and I feel that I will be able to bring new ideas and a fresh look at some of the issues. I came to this school eager to learn with an open mind and I’m not afraid to ask questions (just ask Dr. F how I got the nickname “Q”). I will try my best to represent our class on the important issues and work with the school administration. I have tough skin and a jolly attitude that I think makes me right for this position. Please vote for Keaton, or as LECOM calls me, Richard.
Here are some fun facts about my personal life that you may not know:
I grew up on a sheep farm. Which means I can shear a sheep with my eyes closed, but I can’t drop a Class 2 box under 3.5 magnification…go figure.
I will be a father this June! Baby boy Jolley is on his way. Any name suggestions? My wife vetoed Obi-Wan MacGyver.
I love milk!
I can speak Portuguese, I like to snowboard, and I used to sell diamonds for a living.
I humbly ask for your vote. Thanks!
Keaton Jolley