Please review the letters of intent below. Voting will take place the week of April 17th.

President, Class of 2020 – Shayna Zalec

To the Class of 2020 students,
My name is Shayna Zalec and I am running for Class of 2020 President. Ever since high school and throughout my college career, I have been involved with many different groups, clubs, and activities. I have spent countless hours volunteering, playing intramural sports, conducting research, and being a committee member of various clubs, such as the Pre-Dental Club and the Volunteering Within Club. From these experiences, I have met many different types of people and greatly improved my characteristics as a leader.
I have had the opportunity to continue gaining valuable competencies throughout this past year at LECOM. Being the group A representative has allowed me to grow in my communication skills and get to know many students and professors much better. I have truly enjoyed holding this position and being a voice for the class, and I want to continue making a difference as the class president.
Thank you very much for your consideration!

Vice-President, Class of 2020 – Johnny Parks

Dear LECOM student body,
My name is Johnny Parks and I am running for Vice President for the class of 2020. This past academic year I have not taken up too many leadership roles and feel it is time for change. Teamwork is a trait I see most in our class and I want to provide assistance at a higher level. As we are about to embark on challenges in our academic career we need someone to go to when a voice is needed. My background involves working in a medical office for multiple years. When problems arise I was the one who would use professionalism and leadership to solve the problem. I want to be the person that can help rectify problems, or get the help anyone requires. I will strive to help anyone in need whether that is extra tutoring, one on one time with a faculty member, questions about assignments, or any concerns. I have made great relationships with the faculty and hope to be the liaison for my fellow students. Please consider voting for me and I will work for you! Thank you.

Group A Representative, Class of 2020 – Cynthia Martinez

I would like to be considered for the position of Group A class representative. Although I have never had any prior experiences of this type, I have previously been part of school organizations where I had the opportunity to offer my help to the community. I strongly believe my excellent problem solving skills, my ability to communicate clearly and listen with care to my fellow classmates bring me to be a good candidate. It would be an honor to assist my group and expand the communication between us , professors, and the class as a whole.
I look forward to the possibility of working together and contribute with ideas that could help shape the future of our class 2020.
Cynthia A Martinez

Candidates for Group B Representative, Class of 2020:

Brian Decker

Hello! My name is Brian Decker and I am running for the Group B Representative. Last year I did not hold an SGA position, but I am excited for the opportunity to represent my fellow Group B classmates this year. I feel I have already built a great relationship with many of the faculty and students here at LECOM, and will use those relationships to facilitate communication between the faculty and Group B. My goals are to keep everyone on the same page and do my best to get Group B’s questions answered as quickly as possible. I believe that Group B had a fantastic year both in PBL and Sim Lab, and I want to keep that going into next year and watch us continue to learn and grow as a group! Thank you for your consideration.

Blake Ramos

Hello Class of 2020! For those of you who may not know me well yet, as a brief introduction- my name is Blake Ramos and I was born and raised in Michigan. I went to Michigan State University and studied Human Biology. I was part of LECOM’s post bacc program, and now I’m here with you all, well on our way to becoming exceptional dental professionals.
It is a personal goal of mine to take on more of a leadership role and to help you all where I can. I look to help and lead where I am able. For instance, growing up playing hockey I was a voice my teammates looked to for encouragement and motivation. During my time in undergrad, I worked for the Assistant Vice President for the University’s Auxiliary Resources. There I helped the AVP and gained exposure in leading while helping with his daily tasks in managing the branches of the school, from Residental and Hospitality Services to Culinary Services. My informal experience also goes as far as family. Being the oldest grandchild on one side of my family, I’ve grown up as a role model to many cousins and it’s a task I still take pride in.
While I may not have formal experience for this position, I believe I have the qualities needed to be your group B representative. I am calm and patient, ready to deal with what any issues that may arise. For those of you who have spoken to me, I am easy to approach and always ready to listen. I’d be here to help you in any way I can. Though I am still inexperienced in certain areas, my drive to help you and succeed will not only help me learn, but excel in this position. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to the opportunity to represent our class.
-Blake Ramos