Below you will find letters of intent from the candidates wishing to serve as class officers. Elections will take place following candidate speeches on Wednesday, October 18th around 11:45 AM (following lecture).

Voting will take place here: 

Class of 2021 Candidate for President:

To the Class of 2021,
Over the past few months I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone in this great class!  To think that only 3 months have passed by since our start is unbelievable as I see how well our class has bonded and our spirit strengthened.  Even though we have only touched on the first portion of our 4 year journey, I feel like we have united well as a class throughout the amazing times and supported each other well during the challenging ones.  Being one of the interim reps for our class has been a great experience as it has allowed me, along with the other three, to evaluate our class experience and enhance it in every way possible.  Honestly one of the best parts has been to listening to you all individually and getting to know you throughout the process!  I thank you all for electing me to have the opportunity of being Group A’s interim rep, and now I ask for your help in voting me in to represent this class as president.
I have a passion for working with classmates and students towards attaining a common goal, which of course in our case is a D.M.D.  I played a part in this during the years at my previous school as the Pre-Dental Society president.  Not only did I enjoy working with my fellow classmates on our pursuit of dental school, but I also loved new student orientation in which we would present to the incoming freshmen our society’s purpose and dentistry as a whole.  Helping and understanding people is nothing new to me as I’ve had the privilege of teaching over 50 different students the art of piano during the last seven years.  In conclusion, I believe I could be an instrumental part of enhancing the experience of our current class along with welcoming and helping orient prospective/incoming students into the LECOM student body.
Thank you for your consideration!

Michael Dubuc

Class of 2021 Candidate for Vice-President

Hi all,
My name is Sarah Fidelo and I would be humbled if given the opportunity to represent the class of 2021 as vice president. One of my passions is to serve others and I am willing to give my time to understand any concerns or possible suggestions my class may have.  I feel my experience on executive boards in the past has taught me how to efficiently work with others and to ultimately achieve the greatest good for the largest number of people.
            The past few months serving as an interim representative for group B has not only shown me that I am still passionate about serving and representing my peers but also how incredibly lucky I am to be a part of such a driven and outgoing class.
In my undergraduate years, I served as president of my sorority, and had to learn how to try and meet as many needs and concerns for 160 women.  I hope men and women alike can see what a daunting task that must have been. I have learned many techniques on how to compromise and how to convey other’s opinions. I am confidential yet quite the talker and would love the opportunity to get to know all of you and most importantly represent you when it matters most.
            In addition to executive board experience, I have a strong passion to grow LECOM’s reputation as a Dental School and I feel our reputation begins with the students and faculty. I hope we can create a homogenous relationship between student and faculty so we can work on making LECOM Dental School standout for all of the positive aspects it has to offer and may come to offer based on the class of 2021’s feedback. Having me as vice president of the class of 2021 won’t achieve this alone, but I encourage you to use me if elected to meet your goals and LECOM’s goals. “We’re all in this together,” and I look forward to a great four years with all of you.
Sarah Fidelo

Class of 2021 Candidate for Group A Representative

It has been a great experience to serve my peers in group A for the past few months, and I would like to continue to be their voice as group A representive at LECOM’s Student Government Association. I belive that my peers have seen my actions at LECOM’s SGA, therefore I would like to keep this letter of intent as short as it is. 

Class of 2021 Candidate for Group B Representative

Class of 2021,
Wow! It’s time to vote AGAIN! Hopefully you all have enjoyed the past three months as much as I have. Not only have a learned an immense amount academically, but I’ve learned how to appropriately portray myself as an SGA representative among students and faculty alike. Although I have a respectable amount to learn regarding representing our class, it’s my hope that you have been satisfied with the work I’ve done thus far and will consider me to be the permanent Group B Representative.

During my years as an undergraduate in Burlington, Vermont, I worked as liaison between students and faculty both inside and outside of the classroom as a Resident Assistant and Student Athlete Representative. To say the least, I would feel incredibly privileged to represent our class full of promising dentists in any way that I possibly can. Quite frankly, there isn’t another 104 people on this earth with whom I’d rather be sharing the most stressful and rewarding four years of our lives with.

Class of 2021 Candidate for Website Contributor

My name is Austin Askey and I am writing this statement announcing my intent for the position of Website Contributor for Class of 2021. If I am to be elected for this position my focus will be to quickly and efficiently contribute to updating our schools webpages, not only for the benefit of our class, but for the benefit of the entire LECOM School of Dental Medicine Student Body. I feel that I am qualified for this position because of my knowledge with computers and technology, which is a large part of what this position entails. I also want to be a voice for our class specifically in the student government if anyone feels in any way that our website can be improved. Thank you for your time.