Class of 2022 Group Rep Letters of Intent

Group A

I am deeply interested in becoming a Group A rep for the Class of 2022. This position to the best of my understanding requires the responsibilities of communicating with the students of Group A and bridging a strong and efficient student-faculty relationship to bring about the success of the LECOM dental students. I truly believe that my personal communication and organizational skills are an asset to this position as I have taken up leadership positions in various organizations in the past and have worked under various situations to enhance these skils. From getting involved in campus clubs to national organizations and volunteering events, I have learned to deal and interact with different personalities and have grown to appreciate and accomodate the differences of others. If I become a Group A rep, I want to provide a common medium where the students can directly communicate with me and one another so that their needs can be assessed to the fullest extent possible. I am also a very creative person and am always striving to try and learn something different to add it to my list of experiences. This position would be a platform for me to try out different ideas and concepts to help the students be successful in their academic endeavors. As peculiar as this may sound, I always appreciate the evaluations and feedback I receive as it helps me to grow as a leader, build up on my creativity and personality, and learn more about my fellow classmates, and I believe that this position would provide me this. 
This position would give me the opportunity of putting myself outside of my comfort zone and allowing me to develop my problem solving skills as this position involves interaction of different personalities in diverse situations. With the high academic standards of LECOM attracting a diverse body of students each year, being a part of the SGA would give me the opportunity to work with students of similar interests and goals in improving LECOM and making it a top-choice Dental School. I hope to be considered for this position and work with the LECOM SGA. 
Anusha Bulusu

As students, we all value our education and well-being here at LECOM. I believe it is our duty to raise any issues that we have to the administration so that they may be addressed. As a group representative, I will voice any concerns of any member of our class and effectively relay information coming from the administration. I have a lot of great ideas for the upcoming year and I would love to be involved with SGA.

My name is Brooke Fecko and I am interested in representing group A in the class of 2022 at LECOM SDM. My goals if chosen for this position include; provding a listening ear for fellow students to express concerns and suggestions, a logical mind in determining the strategy for solving student body problems, and a confident voice in communicating student concerns to LECOM faculty and staff. I hope to be someone that all students feel comfortable talking to and give fair and equal respect to the various groups in the school. 

I am applying for the position of Group A representative. I feel like I am a good fit for this position as I love to be actively involved with my community and to help others. I have experience representing health care groups as well. I was the treasurer for the pre-dental club at my undergraduate university, where I was responsible for promoting the club and events that we would be having. I was also in charge of the financial aspect of the club and making sure all money allocated to us was spent wisely. I was also a peer mentor and representative for the Rural Health Scholars program at my undergraduate university. There I was to promote the program and help others achieve their goals of reaching a health profession. I love to help other people achieve their goals and to motivate groups of individuals to obtain their desires. I feel like I would make a good candidate for this position because of these positive characteristics that I have.

Group B

I am interested in being a D1 group B representative because I want to be involved with SGA. I want to be the liason between SGA and the student body and be able to relay any concerns students have with SGA and let students know what events are going on. By being the liason, I want to help make the next four years at LECOM comfortable for students. 

I am running for Group B Rep so that I can be a voice for my fellow D1s between our student body and administration. I believe I have good ideas that are beneficial to our class and succeeding classes.

Hello! I would love to run to be a group rep for group B! I love to be involved and would be honored to help relay information to and from my group!

My name is Seth Calish and I am running for Group B representative for the Class of 2022. I am so grateful to be a student here at LECOM. Although we have a different curriculum than past years, we have actual grades, and we take the Integrated Boards, I will not let this deter us from reaching our goals. I will do everything in my power to help as many people as possible and make our class the best dental school class that LECOM has ever had. With all of our hard work and dedication we will pave the way to a new era of of competent, and successful dentists. 
“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”