Applications are now closed. Letters of intent for each class are published at the links below. Voting for Class Officers and Executive Treasurer will take place during the week of April 17th.

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Candidates for Executive Treasurer Letters of Intent:

Amy Taggart, Class of 2019

Hello LECOM students and faculty,
My name is Amy Taggart and I would like to express my interest in becoming your SGA Treasurer. I have not yet had the pleasure of serving on SGA, but I do have experience with ASDA committees and two club executive boards. Coupled with my detail-oriented nature, I believe I am a good fit for this role. As the treasurer of the Hispanic Dental Student Association, I learned to keep meticulous records of expenses and reimbursements. I am organized and dedicated to whatever role I step into, and I suspect I might enjoy haranguing people via email for overdue budgets.
Though I’ve been told that my face looks like a prison mugshot, I am actually a happy and approachable person. I look forward to working with diverse personalities and am always open to discuss any of your SGA monetary concerns. I place a high value on budget transparency and hope to have an active relationship with every club at LECOM so that we may use our budget to its fullest potential. As your Treasurer, I would do my best to distribute funds efficiently and fairly. I humbly ask for your vote, and strongly suggest that this title be changed to “Master of Coin”.

Brini Thomas, Class of 2020

To my Fellow LECOM peers,
I am Brini Thomas, currently a D1 looking to expand my experience in leadership roles by applying to the Treasurer position. I see an outstanding institution that encourages us and helps us to improve. As treasurer, I would try my best to manage the fiscal affairs and help the officers and members to move forward in every aspect of our student life, making our experience at LECOM a good one. I am looking forward to working with the new officers and SGA representatives to help provide a more pleasant and constructive learning environment for our diverse student body. By listening to the students and bringing new ideas to the table I expect to enhance the different activities and opportunities offered while enriching our values. These responsibilities will give me a great opportunity to make a difference at this school. I have participated in numerous volunteer projects and served on various committees at both LECOM and mainly at undergrad all the while maintaining good grades. The type of leadership I show is with commitment to students while having a positive attitude. I will try my best to be enthusiastic, creative and have a strong work ethic to make our upcoming year’s events memorable, enjoyable, and those that opens great opportunities for all of us. If elected, I would work whole-heartedly to improve our lives as a student. I am extremely excited for this position and would greatly appreciate your vote. Thank for the opportunity and your support.



Executive Board Letters of Intent, 2017-2018:

President – Miguel DeLeon, Class of 2020

Fellow peers and faculty,
This is my formal intent for running for SGA Executive President. I feel that overall, my time as class president was filled with building great relationships with the faculty and voicing obstacles that we faced as a class. I have learned how to interact with many different types of personalities and also finding efficient ways to get tasks done.  I believe that all of the experiences of this past year have helped improve my problem solving skills, and I would like to extend that to the school through the Executive Board. What I would hope to bring to the Executive Board is positivity and maintaining the relationships the previous board members built. I humbly ask for your vote if you feel that I would be a great fit for SGA Executive President.

Vice President – Maggie Pahl, Class of 2020

To my fellow students at LECOM SDM,
As I look around me, I am continually amazed at the great potential of the students at this school. Never have I encountered such a hard working group. It is really inspiring to see all the time and dedication each of you have to your work, as you go far beyond proficiency, spending late hours in lab and long days in the library.  For everything you have given and contributed to this school, you deserve to be amply represented. It is my desire, that if you elect me as your Student Body Vice President, that I can work just as hard as you do. I want to serve you more than just “proficiently” or “adequately”, but instead make strides to truly improve the school and your experience at it. I’ve had the great honor of serving as the Class of 2020 Vice President this past year, so I hope to take this one step further, and serve the entire student body, representing the perspective of the learner to faculty and staff. Executive positions carry great responsibility, because although LECOM has a rich history of highly qualified educators and great minds, it does have the potential to be improved. I truly believe that this is not a drawback of our school, but a strength, because it gives us the opportunity to try new things, see what works, and have a true impact on our education. We have a say—and many students can’t say that.
Thus, I think the most important aspect of this role is listening. If a Vice President can listen well to both the student body and the wisdom of the rest of the executive board, than the best solution can be reached and progress can be made for the betterment of the school. As I continue to listen and learn, I hope you’ll come along side me as I aspire to lead our school of ardent dentists-to-be. Thank you for your consideration.

Secretary – Lori Gruskin, Class of 2020

To my fellow LECOM students,
My name is Lori Gruskin and I am running for the position of SGA Secretary. Due to my excessive organizational skills, I am able to ensure that meetings are effectively organized, records are constantly maintained, and communication and correspondence between the executive board and students is readily obtainable. Having worked at Publix for 8 years and 10 months, since the age of 14 years old, demonstrates my dedication and commitment. Along with being very organized, I am also very responsible, neat, and a dedicated team player, all of which would help with properly relaying information to the student body in a timely manner, to keep everyone informed. In my time here at LECOM, I have wanted to get involved as much as possible, and SGA is the organization that I feel would allow for me be able to make the biggest difference. I believe that every student’s opinion here at LECOM is valuable; therefore, I will listen and voice the concerns of the student body. As your secretary, I would like to continue building a strong, organized council. I sincerely hope you consider me for this position, thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Webmaster – Grant Ross, Class of 2019

I am writing to express my interest in running for the position of Webmaster for LECOM SDM SGA. Over the past year I have served as Webmaster and I would like to build on the progress that has been made. When I started as webmaster I knew it was going to be a learning process. I planned to learn as much as I could to be able to enhance the site and increase its utilization. I worked hard to integrate the weekly announcements so clubs could have the freedom to write their own messages to the student body, while incorporating images and links. I also tried to utilize the site as much as possible to share information with the student body – from student body presentations and the bylaws to the elections process, many things have been integrated into the website. If you haven’t already, go check it out:
I look forward to the opportunity and would be grateful for your vote!